Saint Michaels Federal Credit Union

Visa Card

Fixed Rate for New Purchases
and Balance Transfers.

It is our pleasure to extend to you this invitation to obtain a St. Michael’s Federal Credit Union VISA. If you do not currently have a Credit Union VISA Credit Card, apply now and enjoy all the advantages membership bring.

You can get instant credit wherever the VISA sign is displayed, up to your available credit limit. You can also apply for a cash advance for unexpected expenses or travel. You can also exchange those high rate bank and retail cards with our DEBT CONSOLIDATION offer. Just fill out our application and, upon approval, transfer the balance from any other card up to your available credit limit!


* 30 day grace period from period of purchase.
Read our Disclosures

To report your card lost/stolen please call 1-800-843-5463. To have a new card re-issued please call 508-674-3861.